Which Consultant Kit is Right For Me?

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Joining Jamberry has never had more options! We recently launched our Pick Your Passion starter kit, which is an entirely digital budget friendly starter kit and due to it’s huge success, it is here to stay!

This means you have the choice of 3 different starter kits to get you on your way to your Jamberry consultant success, but that also means an extra decision to make when it comes to picking which consultant kit is right for you!! So let’s check out the options:






The Business basics Starter Kit for Jamberry Australia is A$143 plus postage (or $99US/£99UK/$159NZ), and includes the following:

    • 2 exclusive wraps
    • 2 packs of Nourish hand cream samples
    • Mini heater
    • Cuticle oil pen
    • 4 mega sheets of accent nails in different finishes
    • 20 catalogues
    • Start up guide
    • 25 host join brochures
    • 250 samples
    • 25 order forms
    • Application tear off pad
    • Contact details tear off pad
    • Jamberry brand book
    • Cuticle pusher
    • 50 orange sticks
    • 3 Jamberry branded nail files
    • 3 Jamberry branded buffers
    • 3 pairs of nail scissors
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Application kit pouch
    • 3 months free website subscription



The Business basics Starter Kit for Jamberry Australia is A$289 plus postage (or $200US/£200UK/$$318), and includes the following:

    • 2 current wraps of your choice
    • 1 catalogue
    • 1 start up guide
    • Marketing credit (amount varies in different markets)
    • 1 deluxe tool kit
    • 4 oz Nourish hand cream
    • 1 cuticle oil pen
    • 1 cuticle remover pen
    • 1 mini heater
    • 4 oz wrap & lacquer remover
    • 1 Trushine gel top coat
    • 1 Trushine gel base coat
    • 1 Trushine gel enamel colour
    • 1 Trushine LED curing lamp – Beauty sleep
    • 200QV points towards incentives/Jamsquad gift/fast starts
    • 3 months free website subscription
    • Plus once you close your first 150prv party, you will also get bonus marketing credit (amount differs for each market, in local currency) plus 2 free wrap credits.


The Pick Your Passion starter kit is a digital option so there is no physical kit. You do get instant access to consultant resources and website, with the same opportunities to earn and achieve incentives.

  • 3 months free website subscription




If you are already a Jamaholic with a huge collection, or at least have yourself the basics – a mini heater, wraps and application tools, then the Pick Your Passion kit is a great option for you! Minimal cost to get started and you can instead purchase the things you actually want, such as marketing materials or new release product lines instead.

Or if you don’t have the finances to get started with one of the bigger kits, the Pick Your Passion kit is also a great option for you! Join with the digital kit, launch your business and start making money straight away so you can invest in the basics you want for your growing business. After all, you can run your business entirely online so all you need is wifi and a dream!!



Just starting out with Jamberry products or want all the business tools in one convenient, super value package, then the business basics is exactly what you need! In fact, this is the kit I recommend to everyone first as it comes with everything you need and more. Have all the wrap and hand care tools, plus a gazillion samples to start getting Jamberry wraps on hands from day one! Not only this but you will get a heap of catalogues, brochures and other marketing materials so you can start promoting and sharing Jamberry with others. This is the best way to grow a strong business fast!



And for our final option, the Style Essentials kit, is for the ultimate Jamberry product lover who wants more than just wraps. This is a great kit if your plan is home parties so you have lots of different products on display, but also just if you love the products and want the most amazing deal ever! It gets you wraps, gel, hand care, removal and more, but minimal marketing materials. However you do get marketing credit to spend straight away… and even more exciting, you get 200 points towards incentives too which is HUGE! This kit definitely gives you a head start if you’re in a position to purchase at the higher entry cost!



So there you have it, a comparison between our 3 incredible Jamberry consultant kits and which kit is right for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact, via my contact form or my Jamberry website! You’re welcome to come have a sneak peek at our team group so you can see what incredible support we have for you throughout your business!

Or if you’re ready to join right now, you can find the link to each of the different Jamberry markets HERE. Jamberry is currently in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Mexico.

Can’t wait to have you on the team!

Holly x



Which consultant kit is right for you?

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