Tips for New Consultants

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If you are a new Jamberry consultant in preparation for the Jamberry Australia and New Zealand launch, or new at any time to a new direct sales business such as Jamberry, there is a lot to prepare for.

Not only do you have lots to learn about the company, the products and what is expected of you, but also getting your head around the compensation plan, bonuses, costs and everything else that goes along with it. It can be overwhelming.

So how do you start your new business on the right foot?

Tips for new consultants for being organised before launching their Jamberry Australia business or any other direct sales business


Read Up

Hopefully even before you have signed up with a new business, you have taken the time to read the main points of how the business operates so you know you roughly what is expected of your.

Most companies have a fast start guide or a tips for new consultants booklet to get you up and running. This is a great starting point.

Read carefully through all the paperwork required, including your sign on paperwork, how you get paid, how much you are required to earn per year/quarter/month and if there are any minimum expectations to remain as a consultant.

One of the greatest things about Jamberry is there is no minimum monthly sale amount, so long as you earn at least 600 in personal retail sales per year, to maintain your consultant status.


Once you know¬†the basics, it’s time to start promoting your new business. You can do this early on so you can drum up interest and hopefully get those first sales or parties booked in.

Consider indirect announcements via social media, such as with Jamberry, sharing a photo of your Jamicure holding a drink and how much you love the new business venture you have joined.

Tell your friends and family and ask for their support sharing around the news, especially if you have a business facebook page to invite people too. Have your friends invite their friends to like your page.

tips for your Jamberry business


Start getting organised. Hopefully by this stage you have your kit and everything you need to roll. There may be a few extras you want to organise such as:

  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Party prizes
  • Host packs
  • Notebook or spreadsheet for tracking customer details

Set yourself up a space in your home to keep all your Jamberry products and promotional material.

Get everything organised for your first party, whether it be online or in person. They often come around quickly so you want to be ready to roll, with only minor details left to sort out when the time comes for your first party.


Start getting the word out there and drumming up interest. By now you might already have quite a bit simply from your own announcement. Fingers crossed!

If you have samples to give, like you would in a Jamberry Starter Kit, organise to send a sample out to anyone who is interested to try. Or if you have friends interested in hosting a party, send them a party pack with some catalogues, samples and order forms to get started.

Approach friends and family directly and ask them if they want to be one of your first hostesses. You never know until you ask so don’t rule them out without trying.

Party Time

Kick off with a launch party. There is no better way to get over those initial nerves and find your feet as a new Jamberry consultant than to get in there and have a go.

One of the best tips for new consultants is to start small with your closest friends and family for a launch party if you feel nervous. You know they will support you while you learn so they are a great initial audience.

But don’t stop there. Book in your next party or better still, your next 20 and away you go.

Getting organised early as a new consultant can really help you get your Jamberry business off to the right start. In fact, these tips are relevant to any direct sales business. Except nothing compares to the Jamberry ‘Fast Start’ period with that extra 5% commission in your first 3-4 months.

Do you have any tips for new consultants?


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