Self Care & Running Your Jamberry Business

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Self care is an area of huge importance in every area of life, and taking care of yourself while running your own business is no exception! It is easy to throw yourself into what you’re doing, especially if you’re working hard to grow a successful business, however it is so important to remember these simple yet essential steps.

Before Jamberry my career was in psychology and it is still an area of passion, even in my role as a Jamberry leader. I put together this short video for my team last year and it is aimed at helping you to manage your business all while taking care of yourself and taking time for you!

You can watch it below:

There are so many ways you can put self care into practice while running your own successful business! Utilise the support and resources available to you. Take time for yourself. Don’t over commit and put systems into place to make your time more purposeful and well spent!


Comment below with your favourite self care activities.

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