Limited Edition Crystal Glimmers Collection

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Just when you thought August could not be any more AWESOME… Along come the glimmers!! Now you can create good vibes all day, every day, with the new Limited Edition Crystal Glimmers Collection. Featuring 5 unique wraps, each design is inspired by a different crystal’s rare look and inspiration. So pretty!!

There are 5 wraps that make up the Crystal Glimmer Collection:

• Wraps

• Kunzite Glimmer (represents joy) – (19B4) – metallic

• Garnet Glimmer (represents courage) – (19B5) – metallic

• Axinite Glimmer (represents friendship) – (19B6) – metallic

• Chrysocolla Glimmer (represents empowerment) – (19B7) – metallic

• Smoky Quartz Glimmer (represents positivity) – (19B8) – metallic

This limited edition collection is Available in US | CA | AU | NZ | UK | MX and only while stocks last or until 30 September.

And of course, they are eligible for Buy 3 Get 1, Jamberrys everyday amazing deal!!

SHOP yours now!

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