Hola!! Get ready for Jamberry Mexico! Jamberry nails have had massive success in the current markets – USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the UK so now it is time to take the popular Jamberry products to an exciting new location with Jamberry Mexico.

Jamberry Mexico launched in October 2016, and you can now join as a consultant and start building your own successful and fun beauty business with Jamberry nails!

Jamberry mexico


You will be able to purchase the gorgeous Jamberry nail wraps in Mexico by signing up for your consultant starter kit. This kit comes packed with everything you need to start your own Jamberry business or to do your own nails at home with our gorgeous wrap designs.

Then you will be able to share these easy to use, fun and long lasting wraps with your friends and family, while earning money at the same time. With endless designs to suit every taste, and complimentary products for ease of application and the ultimate in hand care, you won’t want to wait long to get your hands on some Jamberry for yourself.

Becoming a Jamberry consultant is easy. There are no minimum monthly sales or parties needed. You can do as little or as much as you want with the business, or if you have no interest in selling to others but still want the benefit of a consultant discount, you can join as a hobbyist instead!!

All these same wonderful opportunities on offer to consultants in other Jamberry markets will now also be available to the Mexico!

Jamberry UK - launching in United kingdom


When you think about other direct sales companies already in the Mexico, some of them are everywhere and growth has some limitations. By joining Jamberry, you could be amongst the very first consultants in the Mexico. A first level Mexico consultant with the chance to build and grow your business before launch.

Many ladies have already begun sharing the opportunity with their friends and family, with their intention to sign on to Jamberry as soon as they can. These ladies (or men… men are always welcome) will kick off on day 1 with a team of dynamic individuals and a massive head start towards success!

Ready for change?

I joined Jamberry during the Australian pre-launch period. This was a huge advantage! Now I am blessed to have a stay at home role that I can work around my 2 young children. Not only do I get to be home with them instead of working in my old office job, but i get to afford special things for our family like holidays and treats that we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. This is a dream come true! You have this same opportunity, including the chance to save on your kit!



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Some of the consultants who signed up during our Aussie pre-launch hit high ranks in days. Some hit team manager within their first week. Insane. Many of the first Australian consultants have even reached executive level… something that is estimated to take an average of 3 years for a consultant in an established market. THIS COULD BE YOU!


What will you get?
By joining Jamberry in the Mexico, you will receive the brand new Jamberry consultant kit, with everything you need to start your business and retail value well above the cost of the kit.

Application Kit without Oil (Single Tools Kit)
Sample Cards
4 Mega Sheets
5 Catalogs
Host Join Brochures (25 pack)
Product Brochure / Flyer (25 pack) – New for Mexico
2 Nail Wrap Sheets
Marketing Materials Credit
Product Credit
Starter Kit Bag (Rather than the box that is used in other markets.)
Startup Guide
Laminated Application and Removal Instruction Display

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would love to support you towards success. By signing up with a sponsor from an established market, you get the benefit of all the existing knowledge and experience, plus the bonus tools and resources too.

Currently you can make payment for your starter kit using PayPal (sign up free here), oxxo or 7Eleven payments. Paypal is instant and can be done using your existing credit, debit or account card and is completely secure. You will be able to access your workstation and begin signing on friends and family immediately. Oxxo & 7Eleven will take a few days to confirm before you can access anything or before your kit will ship so PayPal is best if possible.


By joining my team you will have access to a diverse and supportive international team, with leaders from both the US and Australia (like me), as well as new UK leaders in making. We have a wonderful team of ladies all happy to lend a hand and help one another grow, with a team page full of helpful resources and links, as well of course the amazing support you will receive from Jamberry themselves. This is an opportunity you won’t regret!

To join Jamberry Mexico, you can do so from my website  – SIGN UP HERE

We can ensure you are trained and ready for the official customer sale date of 4 October!

I’d love to have you part of my International team!
Holly x