Want to be part of the most exciting company around?

Jamberry is now available in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK and this is still one of the biggest opportunities you will come across!

If you are looking for the opportunity to start your own business, with the flexibility to work your own hours, as little or as often as you like, with great earning potential, Jamberry is your perfect solution.

After the success over the past several years in the United States and Canada, Jamberry Australia and New Zealand, and UK bring the arrival of this popular Jamberry product line and business opportunity to a whole new audience.

As a Jamberry Independent Consultant you will have the opportunity to run your own business, build and support a dynamic team, and share the innovation of Jamberry nail wraps with others.

 As part of your role as a Jamberry Independent Consultant, you will be provided all the business tools you could ever need to create and run a successful business, with online resources and regular updates and interaction from the Jamberry team.

You will have the chance to earn a substantial income with Jamberry’s generous compensation plan.

Jamberry Independent Consultant’s assist their friends, family and customers in ordering Jamberry products, including the popular nail wraps and other quality products, through hosting online or in person parties.

In fact, you could choose to have your business completely online if this best suits your personal lifestyle, while still having the opportunity to interact with new people and enjoy the fun that comes with selling a product people actually want.


To sign up as a Jamberry Independent Consultant, you receive a Jamberry Starter Kit, which includes all you will need to launch your own successful Jamberry business. There are 2 to choose from – The business basics is focused on giving you a budget option to get your biz started, or the Style essentials kit is slightly higher in price but gives you a huge range of products to begin with!


what is in the jamberry starter kit?














The Business basics Starter Kit for Jamberry Australia is A$143 plus postage (or $99US/£99UK/$159NZ), and includes the following:

    • 2 exclusive wraps
    • 2 packs of Nourish hand cream samples
    • Mini heater
    • Cuticle oil pen
    • 4 mega sheets of accent nails in different finishes
    • 20 catalogues
    • Start up guide
    • 25 host join brochures
    • 250 samples
    • 25 order forms
    • Application tear off pad
    • Contact details tear off pad
    • Jamberry brand book
    • Cuticle pusher
    • 50 orange sticks
    • 3 Jamberry branded nail files
    • 3 Jamberry branded buffers
    • 3 pairs of nail scissors
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Application kit pouch
    • 3 months free website subscription



The Business basics Starter Kit for Jamberry Australia is A$289 plus postage (or $200US/£200UK/$$318), and includes the following:

    • 2 current wraps of your choice
    • 1 catalogue
    • 1 start up guide
    • Marketing credit (amount varies in different markets)
    • 1 deluxe tool kit
    • 4 oz Nourish hand cream
    • 1 cuticle oil pen
    • 1 cuticle remover pen
    • 1 mini heater
    • 4 oz wrap & lacquer remover
    • 1 Trushine gel top coat
    • 1 Trushine gel base coat
    • 1 Trushine gel enamel colour
    • 1 Trushine LED curing lamp – Beauty sleep
    • 200QV points towards incentives/Jamsquad gift/fast starts
    • 3 months free website subscription
    • Plus once you close your first 150prv party, you will also get bonus marketing credit (amount differs for each market, in local currency) plus 2 free wrap credits.


Or if you want to get started with minimal upfronts, the Pick Your Passion is perfect for you! Just $36 in Australia, $40 in New Zealand, $25 in USA & £25 in the United Kingdom!!

This is our digital starter kit option with no physical kit so you can instead spend on what you want to get started. This is ideal if you already have lots of Jamberry products and just need the marketing materials as you can place your marketing order as soon as you sign up and start selling even before they arrive!!

And just like with the other two kits, you get the chance to earn huge rewards as a new consultant with our Fast Start reward program. Swag, biz tools and cash bonuses!!

You will have continuing support for the duration of your Jamberry Australia and New Zealand, or further abroad business, from Jamberry themselves, through the easy to use workstation filled with electronic resources, as well as from your team here in Australia, including your recruit and team manager.

Want to be part of the best Jamberry team around?

I would love you to join my team, Team JamBeautiful here in Australia or across the water in New Zealand, or through cross-border sponsorship if you are in the UK, Canada or America. You will get a supportive team, with great resources and more passion than you can imagine!

You have the opportunity to be part of one of the founding teams of Jamberry Australia, New Zealand and UK, with inspirational leaders and support from our US upline. You also get my own personal experience in social media management and business, including the extra resources i create and share with my team to help us all succeed.

We have team members from all around Australia and in other parts of the world, and are always excited to welcome new people into our fun, supportive and dynamic team, where we strive towards sharing and inspiring one another!

Here my story here:


What happens after I join?

I will receive notification from Jamberry head office and will be in contact ASAP. I will send you the new consultant start up guide created with all the info you need to kickstart your business in simple and easy terms, plus a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

I will also help you plan your launch party and assist you with setting up your online presence and your dashboard so you can start your business professionally. By joining our team group, you will also have all the great tools I have created myself or those created by other members of our team and the greater Jamberry community for online and in home parties to not only help make your job easier, but to also increase your chances of success.

Together we will work towards creating the business you want, setting goals and getting you off to a kickass start! I have so many wonderful resources, which is going to save you a stack of time finding them yourself!

What if I only want to be a hobbyist?

That’s fine too. Even as a hobbyist, there are tips to ensure you get the best deal for your own personal purchases and of course, I can support you through finding your way around the dashboard. Plus I share your passion for Jams and totally know what it’s like to want more and more!

if you want to join my team, follow the links below or search for Holly Connors – Brassall AU in your consultant search upon signing up.

Or if you would like to see a list of other members of my team, you can find a consultant local to you HERE

Pick your country below to go straight to your country specific website:

Take advantage of this rare opportunity by being one of the first Jamberry Independent Consultants in Australia or New Zealand, United Kingdom, or joining the established but successful market in the US.