How Does a Jamberry Facebook Party Work?

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Hosting a Jamberry Party online can be so much fun, not to mention convenient and easy!

We still get to share our love of Jamberry nails, by posting pictures of gorgeous jamicures, share products and tips, play games and oh, yeah  – earn you plenty of hostess rewards!

You get all the same benefits of hosting a party whether you do it online, in person or via a catalogue party, and this even includes a chance to earn hostess only Exclusive nail wraps if your party sales reach a certain point. You can earn up to three exclusive Jamberry designs at your party, not to mention the other cool rewards like half off, free wrap sheets, and free postage for several months. Wooo!

But how does an online Jamberry party work?

 jamberry facebook party


Facebook is the most common platform for online Jamberry parties, holding the party either inside an event invite or a Facebook group. You can decide which you prefer, as each have their benefits.

I will set all this up at my end, then you invite friends to join.

In the lead up, I will post some pre-party content to get the excitement going.

We also schedule in a live party time, usually at night when more of your friends will likely be available, such as a Wednesday or Friday night, but any day or time of the week can be done.

At the time of the live party, you and your friends log in and get comfy for around 30-60 minutes of fun in your own homes. I will share posts every few minutes highlighting Jamberry different products, sharing short video clips and Jamberry tips. We can also play a game of bingo or another fun game in the middle.

There are always prizes to be won, just like an in home Jamberry party, and the more your guests spend, the more chances they have to win but also the more you earn!

Once the live party is over, I will leave your online party open for at least a few days for extra orders to come in – either through guests purchasing direct through my website or by me entering any extra orders in. You can still collect outside orders from friends who are not online, or who were unable to attend.

Afterwards, we calculate your hostess rewards and redeem them against your wishlist.

Simple as that and your awesome Jamberry products will be on their way to you at a fraction of the cost you would have paid otherwise!

jamberry facebook party


As your consultant, I will provide you with all the information you need to host a successful online Jamberry party, and we will work together to make your party exactly what you want! You can pick the venue for your online event (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram), you can choose the games we play, and you can even have a say in how long you want your party to run! I am at your disposal in making your party the best it can be.

Here are the benefits of hosting a Jamberry Facebook Party:

  • You get all the same benefits as an in home party.
  • You don’t need to clean your house or worry about making room for all your guests
  • No food preparation needed
  • You don’t even need to leave your house and neither do your guests
  • You can invite guests from anywhere in the world where Jamberry is sold (Jamberry Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada) as they can log on and order and their products will be sent direct to them
  • Orders will be shipped to guests – no need for you to deliver them yourself
  • Plus of course – the freebies, the discounts and the exclusives!

Hosting a party costs you nothing, is super fun, and I do all of the work!


READY TO PARTY? Head over to my website, fill in your details and I will be in contact to arrange your Jamberry Facebook Party!

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