DEAL ALERT – Join Jamberry For $36 in November

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Have you ever considered if the Jamberry business opportunity is for you? Would you love mega discounts on your own orders plus a chance to earn an income by sharing these incredible products with others? Well guess what… this month you can do so for around the cost of having pizza delivered!!

That’s right… in November, you can sign up to be a Jamberry consultant for just $36! Or your countries equivalent. Pocket change!

Jamberry has just launched a special digital starter kit for November which means you don’t need to invest in a physical starter kit to start earning!

Jamberry digital starter kit

The Jamberry digital starter kit does not include any physical product. Instead it gives you instant access to your very own customer website so you can start promoting and sharing Jamberry with friends and family from the second you join! You get 3 months free access to your website and all the incredible training resources Jamberry offer you as a new consultant and beyond!

Plus you get the same every day support and encouragement from our team of boss babes, which means you start your business with a bang!

The Jamberry digital starter kit is perfect for anyone who already has the Jamberry basics and don’t really need the full starter kit contents… or for those of you who would rather not make a huge investment initially, until you’ve had a chance to try out the business.

This is a risk free, low cost investment that is going to allow you to make money sooner and enjoy the great fun perks of being part of Jamberry!

If you decide you don’t love it, at least you got yourself a 4 month mega discount on personal orders and you will simply roll to a Style VIP in March instead. But if you do find the Jamberry is for you, you will be glad you started today!

You can sign up for your digital starter kit on the website by following the join links for your country HERE

Learn about why I joined Jamberry and how it has become such a huge part of my life since. Or reach out via my contact form if you would like more info! I would love to hear from you!

The digital starter kit is only $36 in Australia, $25 in the USA, £25 in the UK, $40 in New Zealand & $32 in Canada.

There has never been a better time to join Jamberry!!

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