50 Ways to Grow Your Jamberry Business in 2017

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When Jamberry launched in Australia and New Zealand in October, it did not take long for it to seem like the entire market was saturated with Jamberry consultants. Everyone you spoke to had been invited to a Jamberry Facebook Party or had a friend or relative who was a Jamberry consultant.

But don’t give up on the idea yet! The chance for Jamberry success in this market or any other is huge! There are still far less Jamberry consultants in Australia and New Zealand than there are Tupperware or Avon or Younique, and while new consultants join Jamberry each day, many also switch to hobbyist status, or they QUIT… because their business is not taking off the way they expected.

So how do you stand out in the crowd of Jamberry consultants and really rock your Jamberry business?

50 Tips to grow your Jamberry business in 2016



Getting Sales

Like any direct sales opportunity, growing your business starts with selling the products. If you aren’t selling the products, none of the other steps to success are going to happen either, so making sure you hit that 200prv a month minimum, every month or whatever minimum you need to reach the rank you are shooting for is essential!

  1. Launch your business – to get sales, people need to know about your business
  2. Send out samples and catalogues to friends and family
  3. Create a public profile so you can be found i.e. Facebook business page
  4. Wear your jams
  5. Carry samples when out in case someone compliments your nails
  6. Promote new products
  7. Offer occasional incentives
  8. Hostess of the month club
  9. Contact past customers or hosts about seasonal products and new releases
  10. Send a regular email update to customers with links to your website
  11. Upsell (bundles, buy 3 get 1 free, mini heater)
  12. Share regular videos and info on your biz page highlighting different products
  13. Catalogue letterbox drop in your neighbourhood
  14. Get jams on hands (one on one application sessions are perfect)
  15. Allow interested guests to try a TruShine accent nail at parties to boost gel sales
  16. Offer free post when placing a bulk order
  17. Ask to leave a catalogue and contact details at local businesses (medical centres, beauty salons, offices)
  18. 2 – 2 – 2 follow up – 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months after orders to increase chances of repeat orders


Booking Parties

One sure fire way to guarantee your sales continue is to have a calendar full of bookings. But there are certain times of the year when bookings seem to be slower than others, and this means being proactive to get those party bookings, rather than waiting for people to come to you. It is very rare someone will see your Facebook post about wanting hostesses and volunteer. We all like a personal touch so make the extra effort to reach our individually to potential hosts and you will see a vast improvement in the number of bookings you get.

  1. Ask friends or family to host
  2. Contact past hosts when a new catalogue launches
  3. Ask repeat customers or big spenders who love the product
  4. Ask someone who loves the products but doesn’t have much to spend
  5. Hold a mystery host party
  6. Hold seasonal/themed events online and in home (Retiring wraps party, Christmas shopping event, mummy & me)
  7. Fundraisers
  8. Vendor events
  9. Booking cards or other booking games at parties
  10. Offer hostess bonus incentives for holding a party at a specific time
  11. Workplace parties – catalogue or in person either during a break or after work
  12. Full service check out – always ask your guests at parties if they would like their own fun party
  13. Make your parties so fun, no one could resist hosting one of their own
  14. Battle of the hostesses
  15. Catalogue parties
  16. Think outside the box – Instagram party, lunch break party, party in a box
  17. A series of parties – wrapplication, layering, gel party, lacquer bar


Grow Your Team

While growing a team isn’t essential as a Jamberry consultant, it certainly does increase your earning potential, allowing you to earn a percentage of sales from consultants in your downline, either directly recruited by you or by other members of your team. The higher your rank, the higher your percentages from your downline will be, so having a growing team is a great way to increase your monthly bonus and shift your Jamberry business from part time to full time earning potential.

You also need 2 recruits to hit your 3 fast start periods and earn bonus product credits, which is a nice way to set yourself up for a successful business. Recruiting may seem hard but it can be built into your everyday business without too much extra effort, simply by sharing you passion for the business and how it fits into your life, so others can see how it could fit into theirs too. And don’t underestimate the benefit of signing up hobbyists. Sometimes they will decide to become consultants… plus they are automatically active in their sign on month if you need an active leg. Although consultants who are active on an ongoing basis are always our favourite kind!

  1. Know your why & share it with others who show an interest
  2. Be passionate about the products and the positive impact on your life
  3. Always offer the 25% or 50% off kit credit to all qualifying hosts – you never know who may be interested
  4. Have fun when hosting parties so others see you enjoying what you do
  5. Follow up with every lead
  6. Provide opportunity packs to anyone showing interest
  7. Build relationships with guests and customers
  8. Join up a friend so you can motivate one another
  9. Kitnapping – discuss the benefits of being a Jamberry hobbyist (30% discount and great value kit)
  10. Share occasional wins & #becauseofjamberry posts to personal social media
  11. Always wear your jams, and carry samples in case someone notices out and about
  12. Put yourself in situations where you get to meet new people
  13. One on one application sessions lead to great chats!
  14. Never prejudge someone you think won’t be keen
  15. Have an opportunity back with you wherever you go, just in case!

What are your best tips to grow your Jamberry business?

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