Earn Extra Cash For Christmas

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Christmas is less than 2 months away now. In fact, its easier to count down in days or weeks at this stage! Eeek! You might be getting ready to start your Christmas shopping or wondering how on earth you will budget for all the events and festivities!

Jamberry could be the answer!

There are still 8 pay days between now and Christmas for Jamberry consultants! 8! That’s a lot of extra earning potential so late in the year. And it could make a big difference to your Christmas and beyond this year!

Right now Jamberry has their BEST EVER deal to become a consultant! You can sign up to Jamberry today for only $36 AU (or your equivalent). That’s around the cost of having 3 pizzas delivered to your door or 2 movie tickets! WHAT!! Madness, right?!

The Jamberry digital starter kit is instant access to your own business! $36AU, $25US, £25UK, $40NZ & $32CA.

There really is no greater time to join Jamberry than when it is this DIRT CHEAP! Want to hear more? Watch my video here:

You can start earning 30% or more on all sales you make. And best of all, you can start sharing the products the second you sign up with your very own professional website and then get paid on Friday each week! Plus if you join in November, you could also earn yourself a bonus on the 10th of December from your November sales and incentives! WOOHOO!

Get your Digital Starter kit via the website HERE

Make sure you switch the flag at the top of the website to your location so you get the right currency! Can’t wait to get your started on your way to earn cash for Christmas!


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