ColourCure is Here!!

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The announcement you have been waiting for since this year’s international Jamberry conference. They are transforming the nail category yet again with a whole new, unique line of curable lacquer – ColourCure!

ColourCure gives the durability and look of gel with the ease and speed of lacquer. This revolutionary product is shaping up to be a total game changer to anyone who loves to change their nail colours with ease!!

ColourCure Launch

The ColourCure launch kicks off with an incredible new lamp which is an LED/UV combination lamp that is large, cures from all angles (no more fingers in then thumbs and then repeat). You can actually cure both hands at once in this new lamp. Plus it has a removable base to make pedicures a breeze too!!


Colourcure launch Colourcure launch

And of course you need some colours to go in your new lamp!! There will be 10 colours plus a clear coat perfect for using over wraps or normal nail polishes/nail art, which will all be launching this month!

  • Colors
    • Past Curfew (130N7)
    • Make It Happen (130N9)
    • Rule Breaker (131N1)
    • Stiletto (131N4)
    • Fired Up (131N6)
    • Bubblegum Bae (131N7)
    • Don’t Mind Me (131N8)
    • Demure (131N9)
    • All that Jazz (132N2)
    • Sea Meets Shore (132N9)
    • Clear Coat (133N2)

Colourcure launch  Colourcure launch



Colourcure launch


And best of all… you don’t need a base or top coat for ColourCure like you do for gel enamel! This is a total game changer. A single bottle and a single cure for one coat. Or twice if you do two coats. That’s a huge time saver compared to gel curing each layer of colour, base and top coat! Plus its better on your budget too!!

ColourCure will be available to purchase in August in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, with all 10 colours and the clear coat available alongside the lamp so you can choose a colour style to suit you! And of course, there will be more colours coming with our new catalogue too!!

ColourCure Launch

You can get your ColourCure online and shipped direct to your door so you can be one of the first of your friends to try this revolutionary new nail colour formula! Eeekkkk so exciting! Shop HERE and make sure you change the drop down flag to your country of origin.

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